“Lone Grandmas”

There are great many single grandmothers on the Donbass. One doesn’t want to moralize here, you can do that without me. But it’s a fact–there are many women with children, including with multiple children, abandoned by husbands. And yes, unfortunately, many of these “dads” vanished right in 2014 during the fighting. Of course, these men have their own “truth” which, to be honest, I’m not interested in. They left to get work and then bring family along, but vanished along the way. Or there were disagreements, or he fell in love with someone else.
But there’s also a separate category of women who raise women on their own–grandmothers. Usually they are the parents of fathers or mothers who were raising their own kids, but left this world. So these grandmothers, many of whom are disabled, are left raising their grandchildren. Many of them can’t work anymore, but the kids have to be fed and clothed. That’s how it is.
There are many like that among the people we care for. There’s nobody else to help them. And it’s sad when you see elderly people with very young kids.
Our Lena recently got a call:
–This is Olga Ivanovna. I’m not asking for anything. I wanted to say that every day I pray for you, thank you and many thanks, friends.
And she hung up.
We’ve been helping Olga Ivanovna for a long time. She’s raising Ivan. He’s not little, but he does everything at home–cooking, cleaning, and even rubbing grandmother’s legs. She can barely walk, she has diabetes, vein ulcers. He’s studying to become a mechanic, and he’s trying to find side jobs all the time.
Medications are needed call the time…

This is Elena Vladimirovna and Natasha. You probably remember this terrible story. Natasha’s mom died from a shell fragment to the head right in front of her. Instantly. Lena is growing like a weed. They have nobody but one another. You see, the grandma is very elderly. There are no relatives, or other sources of help.

This is Lyubov Mikhailovna and Elisey and Timur. She also raises them on her own. Wrote about them many times.
She has diabetes, hypertension. A constant need for medications and yes, there’s a shortage of food, vitamins.

Then there’s the problem of the mother still formally existing, so Lyubov Mikhailovna can’t get custody. The three live on her pension, which is hard. It’s indescribable, given that the boys are growing and she needs money for medications.

Taisiya Ivanovna and her grandson Sasha. He’s lost his mother due to the war. And here too he saw it happened when they went to the garden to get something. Shrapnel cut open her belly. She lived for two more years in terrible pain, then died. Taisiya Ivanovna recently had a stroke. We collected money for her treatment and regularly help with medications.

The father vanished, and it’s impossible to file for custody.

Taisiya Ivanovna is in bad condition.

Constantly needs medications and of course food. It’s nearly impossible to live solely on the pension.

Lyubov Vasilyevna and granddaughter Zlatoslava, born in 2014. Mother left the girl to the grandma and vanished. But they say there’s hope of getting Lyubov custody for the girl. The situation here is better than in other cases. She has diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, and a weight problems.
They need food, medications, and of course clothing…The girl is growing, after all.

All of these grandmothers adore these kids. They find it very, very hard to take care of their grandkids, given their age and health issues. But it’s unthinkable for them to take their grandkids to an orphanage. And they are owed gratitude for doing whatever they can to the last. But…Yes, there’s a war on the Donbass, and nobody really needs these people. There’s nobody else to help them but us.
I’ve written these words so many times that it seems many think it’s untrue. Or an exaggeration.
But unfortunately that is the truth.
It’s very hard to live like that…
Friends, thank you for your help!
Thank you for giving us the ability to help these grandmothers and their grandkids.
And yes, this help will be needed in the future too. They need it like few others.

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

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