“i will see”

Oh, and Vika wrote. A simple, laconic note.
But when you know it’s written by someone who can no longer see, you smile from ear to ear:
“good dayevdokia today mom read article .tell feodora and aleksandr thati will see i believe inn miracles and they should believe dreams come true . in the bible it says that we recive according to our faith .how are you is daughter ready for school convay greetings to all and give a big big hug to daughter .sorry for errors kisses for everyone”
Vika’s mom Sveta sent the most recent photos of the lovely girl.
I can’t believe it. I simply can’t believe it. I showed it to friends who know Vika’s story well and they were all surprised. And I nearly cried. Because I will never forget our first meeting. I won’t forget what the war did to this girl. Illness. Brother’s death. When I saw the thin, worn out girl who couldn’t even stand up, who didn’t want to live.

You can read Vika’s story by clicking on the “Vika” tag at the bottom of this post. There are over 50 posts already about how we crawled out of that hole together with Vika. Step by step. How’s one to retell all of that?
Perhaps it’s not worth it.
Vika lives in Lugansk with her mom, she has diabetes and she can’t see anymore. It takes more than three words to describe all that. Not even 10 will suffice.
It’s like that.
Still many health problems. But she’s happy to be alive, uses a computer for the blind, listens to audiobooks, and hangs out with girlfriends in summertime Lugansk.
And she has all of us. All of us who read this blog.
Thank you for being there.
As I wrote in early august, they and their mom have problems with water, which for all intents and purposes they don’t get at all. The pipes are rusted out, the toilet is outside, and water has to be brought in from the outside. So we collected money to fix them and the repairs have already started.
Thank you once again.

And there’s one more thing, Vik.
We also believe in miracles and that you will see again.
Only forward!
Vika! You are so awesome!!!

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