Helping the Therapy Department

You are looking at a lovely doctor from the city hospital’s Therapy Department. Our Yura, who often himself helps others, was treated there. He’s under our care too, as he’s a father of 7 kids (!), you sometimes see him mentioned in comprehensive aid reports. During the fighting he left for Russia and tried to become a citizen. But…It was difficult with so many kids, even though he quickly found work. So he had to return home to his house in Lugansk.
Then Yura started having blood pressure problems, breathing problems, and was admitted to the hospital. Once there, Zhenya noticed that the nurses had to run to get a blood pressure monitor from a different floor. He started talking to the doctors and nurses and it turned out that they have one such instrument for three departments, the lab is closed, and they forgot when they last saw test strips.
Zhenya: “What’s interesting is that people were not complaining about low wages or personal inconvenience, they were worried that they had one blood pressure gauge for three departments, the others were broken, and they were not slated to get a new one for another year. They were concerned that people were being brought on emergency visits and the lab was closed so they couldn’t measure blood sugar…”
We could not ignore this. We brought two gauges, a glucose meter, and test stripes.

Back in the spring, Sasha, an old reader of this blog who regularly participates in our aid efforts, brought us a box with 50 test strips for the Donbass.
We couldn’t find a glucose meter in Lugansk, they are not sold anywhere, so another one of our readers bought and donated one for LPR.
We delivered this glucose meter and 20 packets of test strips to the Therapy Department. We’d have brought more but unfortunately they have expiration dates and they won’t need more.
I wanted to say thanks to Sasha and our other reader who did not want her name was mentioned, and all those thanks to whom we were able to buy the blood pressure gauges and brought them to the hospital.
Such are the times we live in.
Sad times.
We can’t even completely describe the situation because officially, hospitals want for nothing…
But the reality is different…
Test strips cost a lot, and people can’t afford them.
Thanks to everyone participating in our aid effort!

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