“He felt it”

Sasha looks like a hero from Gaidar’s tales. Or perhaps not Gaidar’s, but there is something about him that’s positive and attractive. The pressed lips, the modest but penetrating gaze.
A beautiful boy with a terrible fate.
Sasha lives in Lugansk with his grandmother Taisiya. His mother was wounded by a shell fragment in 2014. They managed to put her entrails back together at the hospital, but she died two years later. He hasn’t seen his father for many years but he has not formally abandoned him and is not about to. Therefore Taisiya cannot obtain any child care benefits. She herself was in a hospital not too long ago following a stroke, with two days in intensive care.

Now she’s been discharged and is back home.
We brought medications for Taisiya, but she still needs to continue the treatment.

The regional neuropathologist ordered a new MRI and a brain circulatory system scan, prescribed tsirakson which we already bought while she was at the hospital. Drinkable tsirakson was an unaffordable luxury for the family. Not only for this family–hardly anyone in Lugansk could afford it. She needs to take it for 6 weeks. And the scans have to be paid for too.
Friends, thank you for not remaining indifferent to Sasha and his grandmother! They have nobody but each other. The boy really loves his grandma, and he has nobody else in this world. When she had the stroke, he came home much earlier than usual. That’s what saved her: “He felt it”. Had he returned home at the usual time, it would have been too late to save her.
They live off her pension, which now also has to cover her health problems. The father exists on paper only.
And Sasha…Sasha presses his lips and lives on. He lives with everything he’s seen and experienced…
If you decide to help this family, please label contributions “Taisiya”.
Thank you!

Medical history extract.

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Please label any contributions intended specifically for this family “Taisiya”.

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