Anya is walking!

You have to see this!!!
You see the girl on the photo, leaning against a door jamb?
That’s Anya!
That very same Anya who stopped walking during the winter. Her legs could no longer support her so she was able to move only by holding on to stretched-out ropes and stools. “Stress, nerves”–doctors who did not understand what was happening just raised their arms and said many words. But behind all of it there is only one word–“war”.
I wrote about her back in April. Anya is a mother of three who has a loving husband. After an unexpected illness, the family’s entire income went to treat it. But the money was desperately short. And thanks to you, we were able to collect enough for the first round of treatment.

And now our Anya has started to walk, even going outside!!!
Zhenya writes:
“When we came the last time, she couldn’t even hold a pen in her hand, her son signed instead of her. And now Anya still has some difficulty, but moves like a little rocket. ‘I even went to the store by myself!’ So much happiness in her eyes.”
I wrote about Anya in June, described how things were. Now her condition is noticeably better and, most importantly, they continue to improve.
Our friends recently brought them food.
Just look at these beautiful children!!!!

This week she’ll go another evaluation and, depending on results, will be assigned a second round of treatment.
Friends, we’ll need your help again.
Please label any contributions intended for Anya “Anya”.
Thank you!!!

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