Taisiya Pavlovna went to wash floors in the neighboring stairwell. She had no money, the tiny Lugansk pension is not enough, and she also has to feed her grandson who lives with her. Neighbors pay her 400 rubles a month for this work, supplementing her tiny budget.
The day was hot, very much so. The Lugansk heat can be treacherous. This is one of the hottest steppe heats there is. On that day it was 45 degrees Celsius in the shade–or about 120 Fahrenheit. She went home right after washing. She felt fine, only a little uneasy. She laid down in her apartment, closed her eyes, and woke up naked surrounded by whilte walls. And butterflies before her eyes. She spent a day unconscious in intensive care. She was saved by her grandson Sasha. Another hour and she’d have been past saving. But the boy felt something–he came home earlier than usual and found her unconscious.

Several years earlier, in the hot Lugansk summer of 2014, Sasha saved his mother. Their home was hit by a shell right as they were watching, and a fragment cut open her entrails which fell out, and Sasha’s screams brought a security guard. Together they took the mother to a hospital where, under fire, without electricity or equipment, she was “patched up”. But this young beautiful woman nevertheless died two years later in extreme pain. Sasha saw how his own mother was hit by a shell fragment… I wrote about this story in early June–click on the Taisiya tag at the bottom of the post.
The boy’s father is not helping at all, but doesn’t want to give up parental rights which means the grandmother can’t draw benefits for taking care of the boy…She believes he doesn’t want to do it because of the apartment in which the boy is registered.

Having learned of her condition, we instantly got her Ciraxon which was prescribed in the hospital.
“Guys, when I got a shot of it, all the butterflies and ants vanished. And I thought it was time for insane asylum. And I can speak again, before it was like someone else’s mouth.”
It turns out she has thyroid problems, which cause all others. She has no other relatives. the father exists in name only. Sasha lives with 2014 images of his mother’s lethal wound and of the weeks in the cellar. Of screaming desperately in the garden. “Help, my mother was killed!”. And now he found his grandmother unconscious which then spent days in a coma. It was a miracle she was saved.
Both of them need help. Right now she needs help with her treatment for which they have no money.
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