Lavender over Gurzuf

Starting in early June, we dreamt of photos in lovely dresses against the backdrop of fantastic, lavender-strewn mountains.
Awe-inspiring purple valleys with the sea in the background. But every day it’s either the heat, or the exhaustion, or shish-kebab, or work. The trip was being postponed even as the heat grew. “Are we going?” — “Tomorrow”. For a month.
But is the lavender going anywhere? It’s been blooming fiercely for the whole month of June. I remember it was like that last year too. And two years ago.

But now June is over, and H-Hour is upon us.
So we  put on dresses in which it’s very uncomfortable to climb mountains. Took hats and phones, scissors and lots of bags, with pained anticipation of beautiful photos.

We waded amongst the loveliest of mountain lakes as I tried to remember the way.

Zig-zagging, we came out on an unfamiliar field.
I frantically tried to remember where to go next, to show my friends Crimea’s Provence which I advertised perhaps too excitedly.

As I looked, I realized that pale spot next to the forest was the lavender we were looking for. Dry and pale, but still alive and occasionally even fragrant.

A month of expectations led to a total fail, ripped up clothes, and photos against the backdrop of dry and pale fields.

Total fail, no lavender.
The June heat anomalously dried out the fields earlier than usual.
My authority as an experienced local and guide had perished.
But the situation was saved by the fantastic mountains of Crimea, which are amazing regardless of weather.

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