Every paragraph of this post is saturated with facts which one can’t wrap one’s head around. It’s some kind of cold horror. I can’t believe why things turn out that way, with some people suffering so much pain, suffering, and desperation that it’s nearly impossible to believe.
Natasha has had epilepsy her entire life. She had almost no fits before the war, but after 2014 they became constant. Natasha used to work at the post office but was asked to leave after the first fit. Then things got worse. She’d get fired at ever next workplace after the first fit. No labor contracts help. Because they don’t exist, as there are few jobs and plenty of workers. The employer does not need someone disabled. But Natasha is a single mom, who needs to feed not only herself but also her disabled mom and two kids.

A cyst grew on her head due to the constant stress and fear of losing work, so large that it twisted her face.
She was told in the hospital she needs a trepanation and an plate which costs 20 thousand. That’s an insane sum for Natasha, several monthly salaries put together. But she doesn’t have a job, only a monthly pension of 2900 rubles which pays for food, clothes, and utilities. Or, actually, try to pay–they are in debt now.
In addition to the insert, all the analyses and evaluations also have to be paid for.
When she was told how much it would cost, Natasha went home “to die.” But her mother visited all their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to collect the needed money. And collect she did. Thank God.
She had the surgery. Now they wait for results of the histology, which naturally makes her anxious. She can’t work, nobody wants to hire her with that diagnosis.
Natasha is a single mom, but she was not abandoned by a husband who escaped the war, escaped to a better life. No. Her husband right away went off to the war to defend their home. He was killed. Natasha can’t talk about him, she tears up right away and she can’t continue. The husband went off to defend their home, but the home was damaged so badly it is unfit for habitation. She lives with her two kids and mother in the half-destroyed house belonging to someone’s friends. On the photos you ca see that even the wallpaper is gone. Repairs are out of the question. Natasha can’t even pay all her bills.

The four of them live off the grandmother’s 2900 pension. Natasha will become eligible for a pension only after histology results come in. In the meantime they are literally surviving. And she needs medications, and they have huge debts.
When she saw the food which Zhenya and Lena brought them, she burst into tears.
I wasn’t there, I was told about it later. But I remember very well how we brought food to Pervomaysk for the first time in 2014, and an old lady in one of the bomb shelters was crying and holding my hands in gratitude. One’s heart hurts from the avalanche of emotions.
May this war be damned.
I’m at a loss for words and don’t know what to add.
This is some sort of hopeless hell.

Extracts from Natasha’s medical history.
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