The Last Chance

–Ira told me that there are people who help terminal cancer patients without any compensation. She gave me your number. I tried to take care of it myself but wasn’t able to.
We are in shock–Ira, our Ira, died in the Spring. This young and lovely girl with two small children passed away after a long struggle with cancer. We tried to help her in every way we could. But we did not succeed. We provided nearly everything she needed, including chemo preparations, but the cancer was stronger. Or maybe it was simply the war, which leaves people like Ira no chance of survival.
Overcoming such a disease under such stress…I know that if it weren’t for the war, Ira would have lived. I sense that. Only those who were in Lugansk understand what they lived through during the spring and summer of ’14. In the city that was being destroyed from all manner of weapons, including aircraft. I saw similar things in the besieged Pervomaysk in December 2014, and even though I was there only for a short time, I still haven’t gotten over it. But they lived there for months on end…
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The woman who called us is Sveta. She’s from Lugansk region, but lives in the Ukraine-occupied part. Not LPR. Her stepfather has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and a cyst on a kidney. He was throwing up for three days, and then he was told in the Lisichansk hospital he needs surgery, but there are neither medications nor surgeons available. He was advised to go to Lugansk, LPR. It as a program of “free assistance to compatriots”. Keep in mind, this program has existed for a long time, it treats EVERYONE who has a Ukrainian passport. FOR FREE. Yes, they lack certain types of preparations, instruments, but it’s FREE, and for many it’s salvation and the last chance. Therefore the Lugansk hospital’s cancer ward has a long waiting list.

That’s how Ira’s stepfather, Nikolai Andreyevich, got into the Lugansk hospital. He was admitted for free, but he needs a number of specific analyses which are only performed by laboratories that have to be paid. But in any event, it’s less money than in Ukrainian cities. Lisichansk doctors sent him here because they saw no other option. Sveta tried to do her best, but it’s a very hard situation.
“Everything was fine until the war. We had good salaries, could take care of ourselves and help others too. Now it all collapsed. One feels ashamed…” Many tell us about shame. But think about it–people are ashamed to ask for money in order to simply to survive. Nikolai Andreyevich spent his whole life in the fields, as a tractor driver.
He needed a biopsy, it was done for free but he also needed a special needle to collect blood which costs 6 thousand which LPR could not provide. What’s 6 thousand to us? A lot? A little?
For Sveta and her stepfather, it’s a matter of life and death. And we naturally responded at once.
Sveta also has big problems with her son. She spent nearly all her money not on her father but stepfather who is more dear to her than actual fathers are to many people.
The blood sample was taken, but…While treatment is free, analyses are not. And they don’t have money for them…Sveta was crying when she called us. And didn’t believe her phone call would change anything.

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The situation with Ukraine and LPR is absolutely schizophrenic. Kiev strenuously pretends Ukraine has become Europe. It pretends everything is fine and they are prospering. But its citizens go to LPR for treatments they can’t get at home, even though their government is at war with LPR. Sveta got our number from Ira who already died, and Sveta thought until the last that she would manage.
But I keep on thinking, what kind of country hates its citizens so much that Sveta’s last chance was turning to us, and we are now her stepfather’s last hope?

Our help for Svetlana and Nikolai Andreyevich.
Thanks to all who participate in helping the Donbass!

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