She wrote it herself!

Friends, I can’t not share with you the letter Vika sent. She was very embarrassed because it has many mistakes, but allowed me to publish it anyway. This is Vika’s first letter on her new computer for the blind that we and you gave her, written without mom’s help!!! Vika lost her sight recently, and for her the internet was simply texts read to her by her mom. Now a whole new world is open to her.
“Hello, this is Vika writing, Im not used to writing and usng the soc networks but Im getting better at responding to messages fro friends evdkkya tahnk you and to everyone who gave me the ability how are you doing hows the daughter saed her my big greetings”

Friends!))) I’m like the Cheshire cat, I can’t stop smiling. Now Vika can read your comments herself.
She’s learning, it’s still difficult and painful for her to get used to this. But she’s already able to use the browser without help. Her blindness is still a recent development, so she’s still adjusting. But our clever little girl seems to be blooming more and more. Just look at her on this photo!!! What a beauty!!!
In addition to Vika, there are other members of UTOS (a Ukrainian society for helping the blind), which is now 85 years old. Right now, unfortunately, this society can’t be much help to its members. It used to help with finding jobs and socializing the blind. It used to have a choir which traveled the country and gave concerts. Naturally, war is to blame to a large extent, since these people can’t go anywhere. But even healthy and young people have problems with work. There are few jobs, mines and many factories have shut down. The economy is surviving, though it’s struggling, and the salaries are pitiful. But people keep on living and working. There are long lines of people waiting for work. However, UTOS members told me the process of collapse began already before the war. But I hope it will all come back yet.
Look, even a couple of years ago Vika had no will to live, she had TB and she had no hope. Now she’s gaining weight, wears beautiful dresses, and hangs out on social media.
Vika is a diabetes-afflicted girl under our constant care. She went through the harsh grindstones of this war which gave her the blindness, the loss of her brother, and a lung surgery to remove the TB. To read more about Vika, click on the “Vika” tag at the bottom of this post.
So, that’s where things stand.
Thank you for giving us the ability to help this lovely girl)))
Vika, are you reading this on your own? I passed on your greetings to the daughter, she loves you and when she hears news of the fighting there, she always asks about you.
She sends her greetings.
Life goes on, and I’m glad to have good news for you!
Life will go on!

If you want to help Vika or other people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label donations for Vika “Vika”.


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  1. Vika’s progress to a “normal” life is wonderful to read about. Thank you Dunya!!

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