War? What war?

We bought ice cream in Crimea. Excellent ice cream of the Gerkules brand. We’ve been buying it here for as long as I remember.
But this surprised me, because it’s a Ukrainian company, and all the products from The Independent One vanished from the peninsula’s shelves. I also know there’s no shortage of contraband. So I read the label and see: made in Donetsk. But not DPR but Ukraine.
DPR and LPR make many products. Shops in the Republics are full of them, but they all say “Made in LPR/DPR”. Sunflower seeds, groats, chicken, everything. But none of it is labeled “Ukraine”, and hasn’t been for a long time. Maybe in ’15, but it’s been so many years.
So what’s this, then?

A marketing move, a mistake?
There is no war? Only business?
And the kids in Gorlovka are sitting in cellars simply because they have nothing else to do?
Am I missing something?

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