To continue the treatment

In late April I wrote about Anya, mother of three living in Lugask.
She’s experienced a serious problem–she practically can’t walk. In her home there are ropes and chairs at every step which she can hold on to when moving about. It all happened suddenly, in one day, and the doctors only said it was “stress” and “war.” “Only” is a strange word and probably the wrong one in this context. Because these reasons are sufficient to cause really big problems.
Doctors said there is a chance for full recovery.
So we and you collected money and managed to cover three months of expenses on medications. After that, she started getting injections and IVs, and there was progress. She started to go outside leaning on a cane. With difficulty, with teeth clenched from the pain, but independently, and that’s a lot in her condition.

She’s supposed to undergo a new evaluation in late July to make adjustments to her treatment. That costs more money, and a lot of it by Lugansk standards. You realize it’s hard to live in wartime Lugansk. And there is no money for evaluations and medications.
This family was not among the needy. It wasn’t well-to-do, but it had enough money to take care of the kids, though with difficulty. But then all the money had to be spent on Anya.
The family is in a very difficult spot right now. The kids do nearly all the housework. The husband serves on the front lines which means he one day not return home.
But the most important part is that Anya can recover so the treatment must not stop.
Thank you everyone who donated money for this family!
If you want to help this family, please label your contributions “Anya”.

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