“It was scary”

Lena visited our Seryozha. He was transferred from Intensive Care to an ordinary room.
He really scared us, the villain.
He’s joking and cursing, but good-naturedly, and of course he’s the main raconteur in the room. I have never met anyone who has known all the existing anecdotes in the world. I always collect them to surprise him. And it’s a rare case when he hasn’t heard something. He nearly always completes them after hearing two words. That’s how he entertains the whole room.
Only one nurse can get him out of bed. Seryozha always replies “I’m getting married, you’re mine!”
That’s his spirit.

He’s getting heparin injections, pills. He’s got many prescriptions, it’s important to take them all. “It was scary”, “my heart was being crushed by an anvil and scorched by fire”–that’s how Seryozha’s heart attack happened.
I was very afraid that after visiting Seryozha, Lena will say that he’s totally depressed. But the “I’m getting married” gives one hope.
Seryozha misses his tank. He’s been trying to escape from the hospital.
Now it’s a good time to be outside the whole day. It’s heaven in Lugansk. The summer heat is not yet here, and everything’s green.
There is a lovely forest right next to the home–big, beautiful. Many paths where one drive an electric wheelchair.
I haven’t seen Seryozha without a shirt for a long time, and got upset looking at him for some reason.
That’s how it is.
If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, this is our Seryozha, already one of the people who have grown very close to us. We first met him three years ago. He lived alone, with no family, in a barrack in Khryashchevatoye, without water or electricity. Why in a barrack? Because his home was destroyed by UAF fire. The entire village was plowed through with artillery fire in the summer of 2014. If you drive down the main street, all you see is ruins…
Seryozha had polyarthritis and could barely walk. After our departure, he fell and spent the next day on the ground. His neighbors couldn’t hear him yelling, his phone was dead. Then he was taken into the hospital but the leg couldn’t be saved. But the main thing is that he survived. It was a very difficult situation. We then took him under our care. Set him up in a retirement home and have been regularly helping him, about which we write on this blog. In the fall, our Natasha gave Seryozha a second life when she donated a new German electric wheelchair which we refer to as the “tank.” Seryozha incidentally used to be a tanker, and also a master of sports in boxing.
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Thanks to all who participate in our aid effort! Please label any contributions intended for Seryozha “Kutsenko”.

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