Seryozha, hang on!

Seryozha has had a heart attack.
He’s now in emergency care. He’s not allowed visitors, but his condition is stable.
We’ve been in phone contact. But to be honest, we’re in shock.
The doctors say it was most likely caused by the joint pain medication which he constantly takes. It turns out it may cause heart attacks and strokes…
I’m no doctor so can’t comment.
If only we knew…

As you know from my many posts, Seryozha has had joint pain due to polyarthritis which have grown worse so that it’s gotten harder for him to use his hands.
It also turned out he’s got intestinal issues.
We’re trying to help as best we can…
He recently wrote me but I didn’t have time to write him a proper response…
So now what, Seryozha?

And yes, he needs medications, wet wipes, disposable diapers. We’ve already delivered all the things the doctors asked us. The hospital supposedly has medications, but not enough for all.
That’s how it is.
Please pray for our Seryozha.

Any donations intended specifically for Seryozha should be labeled “Kutsenko.”

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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