“He’s dead to us”

These kinds of post are the saddest to write of them all. Yes, these are stories of people who suffered from the war. But also stories of people who needed help even without the war. Why sadder? Perhaps that’s not the best word, though the emotion does exist. I feel bitterness when I learn of people who abandon their kids. And when they abandon once-loved women with their children in the middle of war, it makes me angry.
I always want to say so much about these “men”, but almost every time I silently leave it to you to judge. I’m read by many people with Donbass ties, and every time I hope that my posts will reach the intended addressee, so therefore I try not to say anything too harsh, so as not to frighten them away. In hopes their conscience will reawaken.
How naive of me…
In nearly every case, these abandoned mothers and children say the same thing: “he’s dead to us.”
Sometime ago that man chose a woman. Decided to build a family, have kids. Of course, there are cases when people can’t live together anymore. That’s a common situation. But what about the kids?
And I find it hard to accept that the kids are no longer wanted. “These “men” don’t feel it necessary to take responsibility for anything  at all.

Yulya is a single mom with many kids. The oldest son is a high school grad, is trying to win a gold medal, and hopes to enter medical school. He was very close to death once, of suppurating meningitis. Since then he’s wanted to save others.
The father dumped them in ’14. He split just when things were at their worst. What’s most awful is that it was quiet in Lugansk, but on February 29, 2015, they were hit. They live close to railroad warehouses. UAF shelled them because there was much there to shell, according to rumors. But instead they hit lots of civilian streets. Two of their neighbors were killed, many others were wounded.

“We were lucky, if they hit the warehouses we’d all be dead.” Their house did suffer, though, the windows were all broken, stucco cracked, and it was winter.
Yulya works as a clerk at a market. Her parents live with her, the father has had a stroke, the mother–a range of ailments.
How is this mother with many kids and disabled parents supposed to survive in wartime Lugansk???

Tatyana is a single mother of two kids. She works as a school psychologist and, as you may surmise, they don’t pay her a lot. Zhenya called it “petty allowance.”
Her son Ilya had two eye surgeries. Then he’s had an infection and danger of complications. He needed lots of medications but there was no money. She bought what she could, and turned to us for help…

Ilya 2011, Nastya 2014, already a teenager.

Thanks to everyone who participates in our efforts. Thanks to those who contribute with “use as you see fit”. This makes it possible for us to help those families who turn to us for assistance. There are many of them…And to my bitter regret, there are many families with children who were abandoned by their fathers…

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

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