Greetings from Seryozha

I haven’t written about Seryozha for a long time. And I should have.
Three years ago, he was always “Sergey Vladimirovich”, and I always addressed him very formally.
Yes, it’s really been three years, we met him in April of 2015, in Khryashchevatoye. He was walking on a crutch wrapped in duct tape. In a barrack where he lived after his home was destroyed by artillery fire there was no water or electricity. The whole village, which was nearly flattened during the summer of 2014, did not have electricity or water for about a year.
After we left him back then, in April, he fell and broke his leg three weeks later. He spent a whole day on the ground–his phone was dead, nobody could hear him screaming. Eventually an ambulance picked him up but it was too late to save his leg. But he survived, even though his life was hinging by a thread. Seryozha has polyarthritis, and he finds it difficult to walk. It’s a miracle we met, otherwise we would not have been able to help him.

Now we are totally informal with one another.
I send him photos of my daughter, and he sends me funny videos and gifs.
It’s almost summer, and Seryozha is outside the whole time. He’s able to use his new powered wheelchair to ride during good weather. We delivered it to him when it was almost winter, and it wasn’t very good over snow. So he was only able to try it out in the corridors, but that’s not the same thing.
Thank you, my dear Natasha. That’s what I will write you every time. This chair saved Seryozha, he was fading away due to his helplessness, his dependence on the medical personnel. The chair gave him a second wind, and it’s not just a pretty phrase for the blog.
The chair allows him to travel on unpaved terrain, so he’s been going all over the huge forest which is next to the retirement home. A very beautiful, spacious forest.
There are not enough gears for him, he says we need to “install the fifth”.

Seryozha says hello to everyone!
He sometimes visits my blog and reads these posts, so please write to him in the comments)
Zhenya and Lena are trying to visit him as often as possible, bring delicacies, even though the food at the home is quite good. But also very dietetic.
Thanks to everyone who participates in our aid effort!

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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