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We visited Petya and Ira in March. Petya was freed in December, after two years in captivity. He and dozens of others were exchanged for Ukrainian POWs. His wife and three kids abandoned everything and followed their husband and father to LPR. Crossed the border by some miracle, and now live all together in a dorm in Lugansk. I wrote about them earlier–click on the Ira and Petya tag at the bottom of this post. Petya used to be a coal miner, then joined the militia after he saw how the UAF was bombing peaceful civilians.
The family is struggling, they are starting over from zero, far away from relatives and family. But they are together, they truly love one another, and are happy to have each other. Even strangers see it.
You know, I think it’s possible to predict how the kids will turn out on the basis of how parents interact. They have amazing kids. Moscow Zhenya and I can’t get enough of them. Charming, merry, and very lively. In spite of what they lived through.
They lived in the midst of war that whole time. Ira and Petya’s house is on the border close to Pervomaysk, but just on the other side. They watched people die. And still can’t get used to the fact the shooting isn’t constant.

We went to see them with a big stack of presents. Clothes fro the kids and for Ira and Petya, toys, books. Many thanks to Lena Zhukova who donated a meatgrinder, cutlery, sponges, and much else. Lena, the photos were out of focus, I’ll send them to you by eail. Thank you!

Very pleasant group of people. They never complained. But it’s hard even for me to talk to them about what happened. Ira told us about it with tears flowing down her cheeks. I wrote about them before so I won’t repeat myself. But even today I have no strength for it, to be honest.
They truly went through a lot, and here’s hoping they’ll be able to start anew.

Dasha, thank you for the clothes you donated for the kids. The older one put on the sneakers right in front of us and wouldn’t take them off again.

Thanks to all who donated clothes, presents (Seryozha, your little steam ship created quite a ruckus among the kids).


But the most important thing we managed is helping this family with medications. Petya contracted Hepatitis C in captivity, which is one of a dozen ailments acquired there. It’s very difficult to obtain medications. Right now US anti-Hepatitis drugs are available, but they are insanely expensive (hundreds of thousands of rubles). We found equivalent drugs from India which actually help. Thanks to Oleg, who contacted us to inform where and how to obtain them.
Also thanks to everyone who sent money!
We got the medications and delivered them to Petya who already started his treatment!!!
You can’t imagine how happy they were. If it weren’t for us, they’d have no options at all. Finding, buying, ordering, delivering…no easy feat.
So once again, thank you!!!

Hepatitis C drugs.

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

Please label any donations intended for this family “Ira and Petya”.


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