A present for Lev

Do you remember Lev?
Yes yes, that very same physics-technology graduate who lives in Pervomaysk, LPR, with a Soviet passport?
Who lost a leg in 2014 due to artillery bombardment?
Well, we visited Lev in March.
And we brought a present. Not just any present, but the kind of present someone who is studying the mathematical definition of the universe really needs.

Pavel bought the computer for Lev, for which he deserves well-earned gratitude from all of us. Also thanks to our Sergey who helped pick out the right model. I also asked earlier about books by Friedman who did research in theoretical physics. I got replies from many people, for which I’m also grateful! Back then, in March, we weren’t able to find the book before our visit, but we did print out whatever articles we found in the internet.

We came to visit Lev with this stack of articles, and he was dumbstruck.
–That’s it!
–But that’s not all.
–That’s SOME present!
–We also have a new computer for you!
We unpack the laptop and Lev had to sit down. Literally. In his own old apartment, without lights, which he heats with firewood. He sat down and looked on with fear, not understanding what’s happening.
It was a long time since he last used a computer, he never encountered Windows. At first I thought it will be hard for him, Lev is pretty aged, after all. But  here Zhenya took over.

Do you know what Lev’s first question was?
–Does it have a text editor?
He asked such questions concerning the laptop that I couldn’t answer. Yet he hasn’t seen one since the ’90s. It seems that he used an old one, robotron-type. I saw one in school, in pretty early grades. Now you can’t find one anywhere. He’s only heard of the internet, never seen it.
Which means he’s keeping up.
Thanks to Ruslan and Olya, our friends from Pervomaysk (guys, five million thanks to you!) Lev now has electricity again! We plan to install internet in the near future. One would naturally want to pay for as far in advance as possible.
I don’t know how he’s doing with the computer. We left him fully absorbed and in a state of shock. Zhenya spent about an hour explaining. Lev was catching on qukckly, and I think that he’s had no more difficulty with computer instructions than with the Friedman metric.

Lev has lived many years in his world filled with books, physics, and secrets of existence. He’s unique, he’s not of this world. But in the best sense of the word.
There are books everywhere, and it’s obvious he reads them. There are lots of papers around with his writing. He has that look of someone inhabiting another world. My father had a similar look, focused on some point somewhere far away. I wrote last time that when we asked him what he needs, he mentioned books, nothing else. But this time he complained about joints. It was winter, after all, and he is hopping on crutches, collects firewood.
He lives in a city that’s in the line of fire. There is constant night-time shelling.

If you want to help us in installing the Internet and helping Lev in other ways, please label your contributions “Lev”.
Lev gets minimal benefits for which the paperwork was only just accepted. When we met him for the first time, he didn’t even have that minimum. He still doesn’t have an LPR passport due to complex bureaucratic problems that would take too long to explain. He lives with a Soviet one that he never exchanged for a Ukrainian one as a matter of principle. He is still not drawing a full pension, he’s simply surviving.
He’s fed by the neighbors, and his electricity before our arrival consisted of a single power outlet connected to a neighboring apartment. It was turned off a long time ago for nonpayment.
As I noted above, he heats his home using a wood-burning stove for which he collects firewood hopping on crutches all over town. But one has to admit, he’s quite agile at this, it’s hard to believe it, knowing his age.
He really needs help even though he doesn’t ask for it. That’s the kind of person he is.
I’d say, an unusual one.

Our humanitarian aid. Thanks to all for participating!

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

Please label any donations intended for Lev “Lev”.

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