So, how’s Vika ?

If there is anyone who gets more attention in this blog than anyone else, it’s Vika.
This very unusual girl from Lugansk. So, how’s Vika?
Vika…Vika’s fine. I would like to write her life is wonderful and everything is going well. But that would not be true, because Vika can’t see anything and that’s a fact we at the moment cannot change. “At the moment” because we still believe and are not giving up hope. But it’s a fact that the young girl totally rearranged her life following the recent events in Ukraine and the loss of eyesight.
But just look at how lovely she is!

And it’s not just about her external looks. Inside, Vika is also a strong and beautiful person. Very responsive, unusual, and interesting.
And her voice!
This girl is a reed that does not bend.
She has an steel rod, a stem hidden inside her.
Vika’s been through so much that one has no strength to repeat it every time. Just click on the “Vika” tag at the bottom of the post.
And I’m glad that we and you back then, in May 2015, did not abandon her. Even though it seemed that there was nothing to be done. I’m glad we undertook to help and did as much as we did.

At home, of course, Vika finds her way perfectly well. She can even go to the grocery store with a cane, she cooks, cleans. Tries to be independent, not a burden.
But…She can’t see, and that’s still not fully part of her life.
She’s very bored, and in general it’s hard to accept. Yes, she listens to music, sings, but she is cut off from the world. Many of her girlfriends left Lugansk back in 2014. Many of them still don’t know she can’t see.
–Well, I’m not about to call them to say: Hello, I’m blind?!

So here’s the thing. We’re thinking about getting a laptop for the blind. Does anyone have an unneeded laptop they could donate? Or is knowledgeable about them and could give us some tips?
You donate money for Vika every month, money which is used for medications and food, which we file report about. But I thought it might be worth it to buy this big chance for Vika?
Naturally, this is not a vital necessity. Vika right now is in overall good health, to the extent she can be with diabetes and the recent bout of TB. But she’s a young girl who only recently used the internet, went on dates, and was taking classes. Right now her whole life is confined to home. And even at home she’s bound to her mom. So I think that if she had an opportunity to access the internet, her life would greatly improve.

If you are ready to support us in this undertaking, please label the contributions “Vika”.
Thank you!
I hope everything will turn out well!

Our aid to Vika and Svetlana. Thanks to everyone who was not indifferent to their fate!

And I want to say one more time that Sergey from Belgorod got Vika a talking glucose meter!
One more round of thanks to Sergey from all of us!


If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

Please label contributions for Vika “Vika”.

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