They’re all family!

There are many couples who never manage to conceive a child. They try desperately, but fail. There are also couples who have no use for their own kids.
When Dasha was born, her mom was not eager to take care of her. She’d bring her to her friend Karina and leave there.
The kid was 18 months old when the mom brought her to the friend…and vanished.
So Karina adopted Dasha. Now she’s 7, and Karina 27. She was 21 when she took on this responsibility. She couldn’t do otherwise.
We came to visit them in Pervomaysk to help with food, but they were not home. But we found Karina’s grandmother, Lidia Mikhailovna.
Karina and Dasha left because by late December the situation had begun to escalate. Many left fearing an offensive. A few days before our arrival the city was hit by many shells, several inhabited houses were hit.
There were wounded.

Lidia Mikhailovna and us.

Lidia Mikhailovna has soft facial features. With a glowing smile, she told us about kids and grandkids. With a smile, pride, and love.
We soon learned that Karina is not her granddaughter by blood. She and her husband have two of their own kids, and three from her husband’s first marriage. All of these kids were raised together, like a family. Karina is the daughter of one of her husband’s kids. Now she lives with the grandmother and the adoptive Dasha in the same apartment.
If I hadn’t asked about all these twists and turns, we’d never have learned none of these people are related by blood to Lidia Mikhailovna.
–What do you mean, unrelated? They are all family!
And she giggles.
I stood in the passageway and smiled from ear to ear.
Lidia Mikhailovna said nothing about Dasha’s actual mom, except “she’s not fit for this world.”
You know, we hear  sad stories more and more often.
That’s why it was so pleasant to be in their apartment.
No matter what people say about duty, it’s hard to raise “someone else’s” kids like your own. And here it’s not just kids but grandkids and great grandkids, and all of them are loved like family.
It’s wonderful there are people like that!

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