At Vika’s

–Mom, give me your hand.
Vika jumps onto the couch, spreads her hands, and fixes her long, lovely hair. Sveta holds her hand, but Vika is already performing.
–Music, more music! I’m singing!
We visited Vika in Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden costumes, and the girl decided to honestly earn the presents we were bringing.
She couldn’t see our New Year’s costumes. Between you and I, she doesn’t even know what I look like. To her, I’m some Dunya who’s her height, but she knows my voice, knows it very well.
When she listens, she tilts her head and tries to listen not only what is being said, but sense all the intonations.To capture the connection between what is being said and how it is being said.

Vika, Vika, our Vika?
Who among our readers doesn’t know Vika?
This is one of our oldest and most important stories among those I’ve written, and which is still being written, right here.
The story of a girl who has had diabetes for 6 years, who lost her brother to the war, and then lost her eyesight. Whom we took to Moscow, who was discovered to have TB, who was operated on by some of the best surgeons in Moscow. The girl for whom after the operation, for over a year, we kept purchasing necessary medications for her recovery and send them to Lugansk. The Republic lacks the necessary medications, and the family lacks money…
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We all lived through that moment when she no longer wanted to live, did not want to walk or even get out of bed. I did not know what to do about that. We lived together through her TB, hypoglycemic comas, her grandmother’s death in Lugansk while she was in a Moscow hospital. Lived through her eye operations, lung operation, the subsequent rehabilitation.
How much have we been through?

Vika now has many admirers and friends in absentia. For example, the wonderful Marina has already sent the second package of clothes from the US.

Or Denis from Australia, who like clockwork sends money to cover Vika’s needs. Or Katya from England, Karl from Germany, Tanya, Sasha, Lyosha and Lena from Moscow, Adriano from Brazil…This time, in addition to a box from the US, we brought a bag of clothes from Anna in Moscow.
The Snow Maiden was carrying a big bag indeed!
But most importantly, that bag included medications and test strips which Vika needs so badly…

Also our Natasha bought Vika various lovely things for her performances–a dress, earrings, headbands, rings. So that our little beauty would knock out everyone with her voice))) Which is strong and beautiful. She is now actively working with a vocalist coach.
But just look at this dress, eh?!!!

So how is she doing?
She’s adapting. Helps mom with house chores, cleans, cooks. Walks by herself, goes outside. She’s gained weight and that’s very important. We’ve watched a very weak and thinning girl for over a year. Now her cheeks and face have a healthy pallor.
And, most importantly, her fluorography is in the norm.

But she can’t see and her diabetes is not going anywhere.
That’s where things stand.
I would like to be a magic fairy and return the eyesight to such a beauty, but I’m no fairy.
Not even a Snow Maiden.

All I can do is, with your help, support this family with all the necessities.
Vika sends her warmest greetings to everyone.
Thank you for Vika.
For your comments, your caring, presents, money transfers, thanks to which we can procure everything needed.
Thank you, people!

Receipt for the medications brought from Moscow.

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