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The last two days were perfectly crazy, as we, dressed up as Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden visited practically all of Lugansk.
By the evening we were barely standing and it seems I dreamed we visited more kids and made them read poetry.
Cars were honking at us, people were waving and nearly all the adults were excitedly conveying us New Year’s greetings.
We visited many apartments, but this post will cover only those which you already know.
The people we help, those whom you periodically see on the pages of this blog.
Here we are visiting the family of Vitaliy, a militiaman from Rubezhnoye. Vitaliy spent over a year in captivity in Ukraine. Now he, his wife, and son live in a dorm in Lugansk.


Everyone read poems ))))

They also sang songs. And hugged, kissed, and were very happy to see one another)))
They are a very positive family, hard to discourage.

We also visited our Seryozha Kutsenko at the Lugansk retirement home.

Seryozha, with his new electric chair purchased by my dear Natasha, is now a big boss.
He races down corridors in 4th gear, to everyone’s envy. He also now has internet and we constantly write each other using Viber. That’s how things are now!

Also, look at how nicely the staff of the dorm decorated for the New Year.
Lovely, isn’t it?

 Here we are visiting our sisters. In addition to candy, we brought them new boots. They live alone, without parents. That’s how their lives turned out.
Alyona, the younger, goes to school, while the older Marina works and feeds both.

The operation to procure the boots was carried out by my old university friend. We spent a lot of time figuring out the exact dimensions, then the friend purchased chic fur winter boots made by Ecco.

She even demanded I refrain from writing about her)))
So I didn’t mention any names, but thank you my dear))) From me and the girls. Who were very, very happy)))

Here we are visiting our Lyubov Mikhailovna Chernykh. The grandson didn’t recognize me and thought I really was the Snow Maiden.
Grandma at first tried to remind him who came, but I quickly stopped her, and everything went along the usual path–poems, dances, and songs)).
Lyubov Chernykh lost her hand and leg due to shelling of Lugansk.

This is the Osechkin family who fled the shelling of Stanitsa Luganskaya. Nikita, unfortunately, was recently diagnosed with diabetes.
A very nice and friendly family.
The kids didn’t recognize us so we got a proper New Year’s celebration)))
With poems and songs. Even the dad was forced to sing)

These kids are Inna’s, whom we helped in the past. She died of cancer in the spring of 2017. Both kids have disabilities. Unfortunately not only when it comes to motor skills but also mental faculties. Yegor is 7 and he can’t use the bathroom, crawls instead of walking, and doesn’t talk. His younger sister also doesn’t speak and it seems her situation is similar… On the photo they are with their aunt, father’s sister.

And this is Otabek. He has cerebral palsy. No father. He and his older sister is raised by their mom, Zhakhangyul, who has nobody to help. He was very embarrassed by our visit, but I think was happy just the same.

Big thanks to Yulya in Moscow, whose presents we distributed. Thanks to everyone who donated money for our New Year effort of bringing greetings to the children of Donbass. The atmosphere was very positive and holiday-like!)))
Everyone laughed and was happy)))

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