I’m in Lugansk

Friends, I haven’t gone missing. All is well.
At the moment I’m already in Lugansk.
This time we went quickly, without giving advance notice to anyone. The car was totally full so we couldn’t take anything extra in any event.
I will try to write, but there’s plenty of work to do.
Anticipating your comments–yes, I know about the shelling of Pervomaysk and Stakhanov.


We know about everything.
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and worrying.
The customs, the trip–all went according to plan but, as usual with me, it was funny. But I’ll tell that story later.
Right now we are headed for the New Year tree celebration in Lugansk, to greet the kids.
I was given exactly 5 minutes to write this.
That’s it, they are taking away the computer, the heathens!
And I miss you!

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