More good news!

Remember Nellie, who looks like a vixen? She’s raising a 9-year-old daughter on her own. Her parents had a heart attack and a stroke right after the bombardment of Lugansk, and she’s been taking care of them every since–they can’t do it themselves. The whole family is hanging together. But then a swelling was discovered in her body, which was soon diagnosed as cancer. We’ve been helping her with medications.
I wrote about her in October.
She’s undergone a surgery and a course of treatment.

The results are good.
Now only one has to wait 6 months for additional tests!!! Let’s hope we don’t jinx it…
That’s where things stand.
We’re very glad, if it weren’t for such stories, we’d have been overtaken by a sense of hopelessness and given up.
This is Nellie’s daughter–we brought her New Year’s presents))

Thank you for everything–for your concern and caring. For everything!
Time to celebrate!)))

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