Pervomaysk Under Fire

Tonight [December 13, 2017], from midnight until 3:30am, Pervomaysk came under fire from UAF heavy artillery.
16 locations suffered damage, including 14 houses and two public facilities, the Kalinovka hospital which we recently visited, and School No. 30.
There are wounded, so far no fatalities.
Video under the cut.

This is probably the most severe shelling of Pervomaysk in the last two years. If I’m wrong, please correct me.
I only want to say one thing.
Everyone who blesses and praises Ukrainian ATO fighters, everyone who collects food and clothing for the “poor ATO fighters”, all the coach analysts who know “the truth”, everyone who goes out to so-called “peace rallies” carrying a Ukrainian flag while at the same time supporting this genocide: please try living through a night like this. Try sleeping in your apartment when mortar bombs are exploding nearby.
And  one more thing: the blind-as-bat OSCE and its damned Minsk Agreements can go to hell.
Enough is enough.


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