Olya’s Mom

What to write? And how to write it?
One story after another. One after another. And then you sit in front of the photos and your fingers don’t know what to write.
I simply can’t convey the feelings inside me when I write about the cancer patients we care for. The words themselves disappear into thin air due to their ordinariness and overuse. And that’s the most awful thing.
This is Lyudmila Nikolayevna. Her condition is bad.
We are trying as best we can to help her deal with cancer. When people tell you that the volunteers, the doctors, have gotten used to it, it’s true. Of course you get used to it, and sometimes you are even surprised such things don’t affect you. But at some point you are overcome. Nobody can avoid that. It happened to me when I saw the photos of Lyudmila Nikolayevna after the chemo.
You have seen that woman in our reports. We regularly provide her with medications from Moscow. Because they can’t be obtained locally.
Doctors in Lugansk recently said they can’t do anything else and sent her to the Donetsk Republic Oncology Center.

Prognoses are bad. But Lyudmila Nikolayevna is fighting. A few weeks ago, I got a message concerning a chemo preparation. The free one ran out…
There is now an opportunity to buy it at a low price in Donetsk. We already send the family money for the preparation. Huge thanks to our Natasha who  took it off our shoulders. It was enough for the first round. But several more are necessary.

This post has not appeared for a long time because I had no strength to publish the photos of Lyudmila Nikolayevna. Losing hair, defenseless, and sad.
Please, if you want to help this woman, label your contributions “Olya’s mom”.
Among ourselves, we call her “Olya’s mom”. Olga, her daughter, is a wonderful girl, a worker at the LGTs. She constantly helps people but now she has a problem of her own. Incidentally, it was Olya who looked after Kolya Sipunov whom we, with the help of Elizaveta Glinka, took out of Lugansk. In nearly every photo of an event, you will see her, the beautiful Olya, who helps everyone.
The family simply has no money to pay for chemo. If it weren’t for you, there is no place else for them to get the medications.
When Olya called us, she was practically in tears because she didn’t know what to do. And the chances are slim. What’s there to say.
Both Olya and Lyudmila Nikolayevna know that.
We know that makes things even worse.
But there are still chances.
It’s a life we are talking about.
What can be more important?
Friends, thank you for everything!
Thank you for reading these difficult texts and participating in our efforts!
A low bow to you from us all. From me.

If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

Please label contributions intended for Lyudmila Nikolayevna “Olya’s Mom”.

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