Shards of Death

On the photo is a shard from a shell that struck an apartment in Pervomaysk. It’s interesting that everyone has a different view on keeping what “flew in.” For example, Zhenya took all the fragments (and there were many of them in the garden and in the house) and threw them out. “No need to keep Death around the house.” Others collect them into neat piles. All these pieces of rusty iron. Yet others become superstitious and wish to forget about all that. Then there are people for whom parting with the shrapnel is like parting with a piece of their own body.
Some keep whole Grad “pipes.” We met many families in Novosvetlovka, Khryashchevatoye, Chernukhino, who out back have entire scrap yards of shell fragments that struck their homes. Many were hit many times. And you know, these people are more likely to keep than to throw out.
This fragment struck the apartment of the 96 year old Great Patriotic War veteran Nina Grigoryevna Mironenko.

She hasn’t gotten up in a long time and spends most of her time sitting. She’s also blind. Her whole war, including all the bombardments, was spent in this apartment in this chair with this pillow. A neighboring stairwell was hit by a shell that carried off many lives. Including people about whom we wrote.
The granny and her elderly daughter couldn’t leave. Nobody to help, and nobody to go to.
Nina Grigoryevna’s brother and husband have died long ago.
She has no grandchildren.
The apartment survived by a miracle. But all the windows were shattered, there’s much destruction inside.
The granny is being taken care of by the daughter who showed us the fragment, which was well wrapped in a plastic bag.
We did not ask to see it, and we don’t know why she got it out.
Certainly not to make us believe her.
While we were unloading the food in order to take a photo for the report, she took out the packet and her hands began to shake.
As if it were about to explode.

Our humanitarian aid.
Thanks to all who participate.

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