New Year Celebration in Novorossiya–Shall We Help?

My first visit to the Donbass was in late ’14, when there was active fighting. We were bringing food to Pervomaysk bomb shelters and we didn’t even reflect on the fact it was almost New Year. The second trip was a week later, right before the holiday–December 28. At that time people wanting to help the inhabitants of the Donbass were bringing us everything they had available–matches, clothing, noodles, canned meat. A friend came with 15 holiday boxes of chocolate. He brought them and said “give them to the kids there–it’s a holiday there too.”
“It’s a holiday there too”–that phrase sounded surreal. I didn’t get its meaning, threw the boxes into the truck and we took off down m4 in the darkness.
What kind of Grandfather Frost, what kind of a holiday can you expect? There’s nothing there! People are freezing and starving–that’s how it was in Pervomaysk in ’14. My head was full of the explosions and of the destroyed houses.

And then we saw the children in cellars.
Ordinary boys and girls, smeared with porridge, drawing in the half-darkness with pencils on pieces of paper. In hats and winter coats. They had such open, earnest smiles that I cried for several weeks after that.
We went again in January, three weeks later, and again brought presents. In February, we visited the Krasnodon Orphanage for the Disabled, and learned that many of the kids there can’t have hard candy (which we had plenty of), only soft candy. Because they are a choking hazard.
With time, we developed a habit of bringing several bags of candy and toys. We would give them to the kids.
I remember how in the depopulated Pervomaysk during the shelling we would give these presents to the kids right on the street.
How much happiness was in these packets.
This is a long preface to my reminder to you that in a month the New Year will be here. And I really want to say this is a very important holiday. One very much wants to bring joy to these kids. I think that the Donbass kids need it more than most. Unfortunately, I can’t bring the most important present–peace for this land.
But I can help organizing presents. We’ve been doing this successfully during the past 3 years, thanks to you. For example, last year we were able to bring presents to over 600 kids, including disabled ones, in LPR!!!
We have also visited the Lugansk Hospice patients during their last New Year’s celebration…
We have many plans as to whom to visit and bring presents to. But it will all depend on the level of your participation in this amazing idea. And time is already growing short.
People, friends–I’m calling on you to participate in our New Year’s action of bringing presents to the children of Novorossia.
If possible, we’ll do the same for the hospice. I think it is equally as important…
And I also want to thank you once again for being there!!!

If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

Please label any contributions for this purpose “New Year”.
Reposts and likes are most encouraged as they truly help our effort!

Children with their presents in one of Pervomaysk’s bomb shelters. December of 2014.

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