Mother’s Day in Lugansk

LPR celebrated Mother’s Day on November 26 just as all of Russia did. All of you and I took some small part in it.
The Lugansk Aid Center organized a celebration for families with foster and adopted children.
We collected some money in order to send greetings and presents to these remarkable moms and their adoptive sons and daughters. In wartime such families have it particularly hard, considering the lack of work and low benefits. All of these women are unbelievably dedicated to their children. It is to them this celebration was dedicated.

I was not in Lugansk at that time, but Lena did visit the celebration so I would like you to see the report from these events. Amazing kids, amazing artists, moms, and staff.
13 moms and 42 adoptive kids received presents.
Moms received flowers and tea, children got considerable joy out of chocolates.
They talked about these families during the ceremony. Nearly all the kids are engaged in some activity–they paint (you can see their work displayed at the center), dance (they also performed at the celebration), write poems. Two boys became junior boxing champions. Some kids are enrolled in the Lugansk Cadet Corps (you can recognize them in the photos by their uniforms).

Thank you everyone who donated money for this celebration, because it was a reason for the moms and parents to smile and enjoy this day.
Look at the photos and participate in the celebration with us!
And, most importantly, thanks to all the parents who are not afraid to adopt.
It’s difficult even in ordinary times, and really beyond words considering what’s happening in Lugansk now.
It is a genuine heroic deed.

I love these photos–everyone is so beautiful and handsome!

All the parents received certificates of appreciation. I got one to. Here, I’m sharing it.
As usual, where it says “Yevdokia Sheremeteva,” it really means all of you.
A separate thanks to the girls who work at the Center, who care for their charges like for own relatives.

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