No matter how hard one tries not to have anything to do with incurable diseases, life disposes otherwise.
Lilya lives in a Lugansk suburb. She fell ill in ’14, right before the shelling. UAF were only 1.5km away, and there was no way she could be treated. Who could think of treatment anyway when shells were falling all over the place. So time was irretrievably lose. That’s how it is with cancer–it does not tolerate delays.
Now she’s in fourth stage and there’s nothing to be done. Worst of all, the hospice is full, people have to be housed in corridors. So Lilya stayed home.
On the photo, Lilya and her 14-year-old son.

They live together off disability and lost breadwinner benefits.
It amounts to 3500 rubles. No other income. The family is short of basic necessities.
Unfortunately, there’s no talk of saving her.
Lilya is dying and she and her son know it.
Now it’s only a matter of departing with dignity.
Lilya’s legs recently failed her, and she can’t walk.
They turned to us because they have nobody else. No room at the hospice, and Lilya is all alone–no relatives, nobody to take care of her. She’s trying to make do as best she can, doesn’t allow her son to help her–she’s embarrassed. Which is understandable.
Recently we’ve gotten many requests from the Lugansk Aid Center to support the incurably ill. It’s a horrible feeling, when you visit someone who is doomed. You try to pretend everything is still ahead of them, everything is fine. But everyone knows it is not. And soon it will all be over.
I’ve been thinking a lot about that. We were born, after all, to deal with this ultimate moment.
And how important it is how it will come. This moment.

No need for costly medications.
We can’t save her, but we can help with the care. A caregiver would greatly help in this situation.
It’s not expensive here in Lugansk.
Perhaps we should try?
Please label all contributions for this purpose “Lilya”.

Our aid. Thanks to all who contribute.

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