“Guys, thanks for the tank!”
That’s the message I recently got from our Seryozha Kutsenko.
He’s been traveling since morning till the evening, up and down all kinds of ramps and trails.
What can I say–last year, he’s been outside only a few times between October and end of April. Ramps are so steep that he couldn’t ascend them on his own. He’s embarrassed to ask the nurses, and they are not always available anyway.

Now you can’t get him back inside.
He’s mastered the fifth gear and goes so fast his hat falls off.
Those who have been reading me for a long time know our Seryozha used to be a tank crewman.
So now he calls his motorized wheelchair a “tank.”
Even the retirement home director was in shock when she saw it. It really is one of the very best.
Seryozha has had polyarthritis for the last 20 years. After the summer of ’14 he’s been homeless due to shelling of his home village of Khryashchevatoye.
After the spring of ’15, he lost a leg due to a fall. Now he lives in a retirement home.
The marvelous Natasha bought Seryozha the battery-powered wheelchair which we delivered to Seryosha a couple of weeks ago.
Now Seryozha is much more independent and is less in need of the nurses. We’re happy together with Seryozha)))
And Natasha became a legend)))
Natasha, thank you my dear!
It’s been already several weeks, and we still can’t believe it’s worked out so well)))

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