No Light

Remember Natasha from Lugansk, for whom we collected money two years ago to buy a hearing aid?
She’s in difficult situation. Can’t find work, and has to take care of two kids. Her hearing got worse after she found herself under shellfire in ’14, so much so she can’t hear at all. The aid helped, but she still asks to repeat almost every phrase.
They live off child benefits and occasional piecework. But she hasn’t found a permanent job. LPR has big problems with work. Many factories, mines are closed for obvious reasons.
That’s where things stand.
In September, Natasha climbed a tree to pick some nuts and fell. Broke a leg and is now hopping on crutches.
Just to top things off, her electricity was cut off for nonpayment.

We arrived at their house late in the evening, when it was already dark. I forgot our friends told us they have no light. They met us at the gate with flashlights, and inside Natasha was already leaning on her crutches, laughing. At herself.
–Like I had nothing better to do than climbing that tree!
The house is completely dark, only the far room is illuminated by an electric light around which life revolves. All the photos are in half-darkness.
–What happened?
After nearly every question, she held her hand to the ear and asked to repeat.
–They came and cut it off. Big debt.
–What about gas?
–That was cut a year ago…We use the wood stove.
Indeed, the entryway is piled high with firewood.
–How do you do that with a broken leg?
Natasha laughs.
–Got used to it! Neighbors and friends also help.
The house is warm, although the first snow and frost already came.
–How do the kids do their homework?
–During daytime. All of our life takes place in daylight.
Then I asked, not realizing that the answer was obvious:
–How do you cook?
–That’s what the stove is for! It’s excellent for that!!!
Along the walls one can see school uniforms, all clean and pressed.

To be honest, I don’t know what to say. One can see the utilities’ position.
Yes, one can.
But Natasha has kids and it’s winter! I remember that the people who came to her house were just doing their job.
One way or another, the cables are cut and Natasha on crutches with her kids lives in with a flashlight in her hands.
It’s not a huge utilities’ debt, some 20 thousand rubles.
Perhaps we’ll help her restore power?
Please label any contributions for this purpose “Natasha.”
We try to help this family as best we can–you can see that aid in general aid reports.

Our humanitarian aid. Thanks to all who pitch in!

If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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