Donbass Humanitarian Aid, Part 17

So our 17 moments have come and gone. Three years ago I thought by now I’d have a million trips under my belt, but it turned out only 17. Or, rather, as many as 17?
The first year, we went to the Donbass almost every year. Loading, purchasing, renting a car, visiting the house-turned-warehouse. Now we by everything on the spot, and there is not as much need to go as often. We managed to establish a system which we can operate from afar.

We have an outstanding team, therefore every report starts with me thanking them. It’s first and foremost Lena and Zhenya, my dearest friends, on whose shoulders all of this rests. They live in Lugansk and take care of deliveries, purchasing, photos. They coordinate all the matters on the spot.
It’s also our Moscow Zhenya who miraculously finds the time for every trip. He also runs the blog and the parallel site. In time I will fully shift to it.
It’s Sasha, who undertook to be the chief logistician for the delivery of medications to the Donbass. He’s our go-to person. She identifies drivers, monitors them to make sure everything is properly delivered, makes the purchases. All of that takes a lot of time–purchasing, ordering, delivery.
It’s Mikhail Yasinskiy who stoically and regularly translates ALL of my tooth-gnashing posts about the Donbass into English. A remarkable individual whom I have long wanted to meet in person!
It’s Alyona Afanasyeva who translates my posts into Italian–they may be read here. I have been able to meet with her already, thank God) Incidentally, if you are multilingual, have free time and the desire to help people of the Donbass, we can expand the site to include translations into some other language))) Join our merry team)
Moreover, there are many amazing people in Moscow on whom we periodically rely–Seryozha, Tanya, Lena, Lyosha, Olesya, Sveta, Denis, who frequently help with medications, their purchase and delivery.
And the main members of our team–those who regularly donate money, and thus make all of this possible.
The majority of money transfers come regularly, which for me is a great honor. Thank you everyone who recently visited this blog and decided to become part of our team and those who is rooting for is, who is reposting our reports, writes comments. That, too, is very important!
Also thanks to all the foreigners who help us–this is a separate source of joy for us all. It is very important to realize that the world is full of people who care.
And most importantly–it gives us the strength to keep on helping!
Doing good deeds for others is like a drug. You try it once, and you simply like it. But when you start doing it regularly, you can’t imagine life without it. It becomes part of you.
Thank you, every single one of you!Lena, Dunya, Zhenya before take-off.

This report, unlike the preceding ones, is not very large. It reflects our work in more than two months, since mid-August until the end of October.
We delivered diapers to three families with kids, baby food and formula.
Helped the family of Katya who suffers from cerebral palsy since childhood, brought her personal care supplies and food.
Helped the family of Vitaliy, refugees from Rubezhnoye.
Brought medications and food for our Vika Zozulina, visited our Seryozha Kutsenko and brought him presents.By September 1, we assembled sets of school supplies for 22 children from Lugansk.
Delivered books and art supplies to the Lugansk Children’s Rehabilitation Center.

Kolya is also a very important member of our team. He has some kind of an ailment, he can’t talk, but he is always very helpful)

 We must also give separately mention our “girls”, who are suffering from cancer. They regularly need medications which we usually send from Moscow.
We helped Ira with medications and food.
Tanya, who has fourth-stage cancer.
Nellya, who has a swelling and two parents who suffered strokes, with food and medications.
Lyudmila Nikolayevna, the mother of Olga from the Lugansk Aid Center, who has fourth-stage cancer, with medications.

In August we visited Pervomaysk where we helped several families with food.

Mikhail Myakinin, 22 years old. On February 7, 2015, he was in his own garden in Kalinovo, a village next to Pervomaysk which continues to receive daily shellings. The shell struck his garden, right behind the greenhouse. He list his leg up to the knee. He and his family still live in Kalinovo.

Nikolai Tyndyk. On August 12, 2014, his wife Karina died right in front of him, close to the school’s bomb shelter. The shelling started but she did not manage to get there in time. She was only 2 meters from her husband, got hit by a fragment in the temple. The daughter was with them the whole time. Thank God she survived. Nikolai raises her on his own now. She’s 8. After the shelling she suffered from uncontrolled urination and sleep problems for a long time.

Vitaliy Shumskiy, who has two kids of his own and two kids from Marina’s first marriage. The wife is from Popasna. Temporarily without work. We helped with food, diapers, and toys.

Olga Ershova, currently being evaluated for cancer. Lives with daughter and two grandkids, Timofey and Polina.

Lev Georgievich Afenchenko from Pervomaysk. I wrote about him in the previous report. I never did write a big post about him. But I will write one about this remarkable man. He is unique, self-sufficient, and very interesting in and of himself.
He lives alone–on August 4, 2014 he went to get water and lost a leg. He heats the house by himself, collecting sticks into his backpack. One day I will tell all. Now only the report.


Artyom Nikolayevich Roslyakov. 1982. Cancer. Sent him medications from Moscow, dakarbazin and bleotsin. Lives in Pervomaysk, has two daughters, Karina and Arina.


Receipts from April through August 2017.
Anticipating questions why the August-October report contains receipts from April-August, well, it just so happened that some of the receipts are posted one report later. Lena sends me all her accounting (done in my absence) during each next trip, and therefore I naturally post them after that trip is done. If someone wants details, I will be happy to provide them.


Letters of appreciation in my name. But really to all of you.
In actuality, all these letters are very necessary–they more than once helped me with crossing the border. And in other situations.

Once again, thanks to every single one of you! Huge, enormous thanks!!!
And, as always–
If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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