Nellya’s War

I don’t know if you remember Nellya. We helped her with this and that–she appears in the general reports.
Face with sharp features, freckles, a tired gaze–one remembers that.
In ’14, right after the “ceasefire” her parents suffered a stroke. Both of them. They couldn’t take the horror of that summer and fall in Lugansk. What’s there to add? Those who were in Lugansk during those months know what it was like. No need to explain…No telephone service, no electricity, no water…Bombardment day and night, night and day….The city is encircled, impossible to leave it. You are being killed by Uragans, Grads, aerial bombs–the so-called “exploding air conditioners” of Ukrainian propaganda. The elderly, who lived through the Great Patriotic War, find it impossible to believe, and there is no way to explain it to them..

Nellya has been taking care of her parents ever since–they can’t take care of themselves…
The woman herself has a 9 year old daughter. Whom she’s raising without husband’s assistance. And she has to worry about her own parents…
Now she herself has developed problems…

Breast cancer.
She’s now at the hospital, awaiting surgery.
But they can’t perform one yet, her hemoglobin is too low. They got in touch with us, asked to help with preparations.
Our guys brought her a medication to help her with blood iron content, and some food.

I don’t know what to add.
There are many similar stories, I can count tens of them in my own blog, if not hundreds.
I will repeat what I write constantly–these illnesses and deaths are not reflected in war casualty lists. But they are war casualties. And even if one were to end this war here and now, its consequences would be felt for decades.
Hundreds of cancers, disabilities from heart attacks and strokes. Tens of young girls (!) with breast cancer, kids with newly discovered diabetes and other chronic ailments.
This is called genocide.

Thank you everyone participating in our aid effort!
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