Helping Donbass kids go to school

A few days prior to September 1 were got thinking many people on the Donbass can’t afford to buy their kids anything for school. They simply have no money. Then I wrote a post and you know what? You and I turned out to be quite awesome.
We got in touch with the Lugansk Aid Center and coordinated the list of necessities. Thanks to the money you sent, we managed to prepare 22 kids for school. It’s not just pens, pencils, supplies, but even pen holders and backpacks.
Zhenya described the distribution thusly: “To be perfectly serious, several moms were crying since they had no idea how to buy these things, and the kids must go to school…”

Nearly all these kids are from families in dire need. Single mothers, families with many kids, refugees, homeless. There are only 19 kids on the photos (some of the parents came instead). Three are missing on the first photo, they were late. Three others couldn’t come. But they got their things later)

And if you look closely, among the kids on the photos are those whom you’ve seen earlier on our photos) More than once. We’ve been helping their families for a long time. Have you found them?

For nearly every one of these families getting ready for the school year is a catastrophe. Average salary is about 5 thousand rubles. But many don’t even earn that. Many multi-child families don’t have fathers. But all the kids should learn. And these kids don’t feel good when they are lacking even notepads. The parents are scraping together pennies to make sure they have something to write on.
Stationary supplies in Lugansk are more expensive than in Russia, where one can buy it cheaply at Auchan. There are no such low prices in Lugansk(((

Therefore this aid is truly needed.

This is Marina picking up supplies for her sister Alyona. Do you remember our sisters? Marina (on this photo) is like a mother for her sister. She works, feeds, and does everything for the younger. The mother is somewhere in the area, but the girls live alone…

As you know, we usually make a separate collection for Alyona and Marina, and there are several people who periodically donate money for them. Which we used to buy Alyona a school uniform)  Lena went with the sisters to the market and they picked it out together)

And also a backpack they liked)))

I usually post letters of appreciation in a separate report, but I decided to post this one here, lest it gets los.
This is where things stand.
Many thanks to those who donated money for the Donbass kids. When Zhenya said some moms were crying, I got upset myself. Got upset because I remembered of September 1 so late, because I could have written the post earlier and collected more. But still, we’ve all done a great job!
Hurrah!!!! Once again, thanks to one and all!))))

If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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