The Bridge to Crimea

That’s what it looks like right now.
They say it will be ready in 2018.
Right now all the cars are held hostage by good weather. Any storm or a strong squall, and everyone freezes in expectation. There are many ferries, which means the situation is very different than two years ago when one could spend days waiting to get through.
Now the wait is short, but the sea is the sea.
We got stuck when leaving Crimea during the storm.

Port “Crimea”


Port “Caucasus”.


It is one of the biggest bridges in Russia, at 19km long.
They promise the first cars will cross in December 2018, and in 2019 there will be train traffic.

The view of the bridge from the ferry.

It is genuinely impressive.

To be honest, I’m slightly afraid of its completion.
Roads are being built all over Crimea on a massive scale. A lot has been done.
But, dear Lord, there will be so many people there…

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