Lugansk’s Little Sun

This is another report on helping our Vika.
So far so good, of course the heat is unbearable and it affects everyone. Vika is doing the best she can–she helps out around the house, doesn’t sit around. She picks apricots which grow outside. She gets around the house very well, in spite of blindness. She knows where everything is and doesn’t need a cane. I remember how when we visited, she would walk very cautiously, while frantically feeling around with her hands. Like a tiny blind kitten, afraid of everything.
She started to confuse day with night. She would wake her mom up at night: “Mom, I baked some rolls. I would eat all of them, sugar levels be damned, mom, go have some!”
She stopped sensing when her sugar levels were dropping. That was bad.

Sveta (mom) read her my recent “Don’t be ashamed!” post about her. Zhenya says the girl couldn’t stop crying. “If only you knew how I want to go out…On dates, to the disco, or go on a walk in the evening, to the institute, or to a cafe…How’s one not to be embarrassed? I have a rich man’s illness…”
We met her in May of 2015, when she was on the brink of death. She stopped eating after her brother died. But since she has diabetes, it ended badly. She nearly lost her sight, lost two front teeth, internal organs began to fail.
Then we began helping her constantly and regularly. Took her to Moscow, thanks to Irina Bednova, to cure her eyesight but learned she had TB. She spent 6 months at a TB clinic in Moscow. The treatment didn’t help, so they excised part of her lung. That was last summer. A year ago.
Vika’s eyesight deteriorated to the point of blindness, and all doctors refused to treat her. Said it was hopeless…Unfortunately it’s a frequent problem with diabetics.
For those who likes to get clever when it comes to diabetes: prior to the war, Vika lived with diabetes since the age of 6 without problems.
Right now she and her mother live together in Lugansk. The father forgot about his kids’ existence when they were still little. The brother is dead. Sveta’s mom, or Vika’s grandmother, was bedridden for a long time. Sveta took care of her. She died when we took Vika to Moscow.

As you know, we’re constantly collecting money for Vika. Because she’s alive only thanks to our aid. She and mom live off Vika’s benefits. Mom still can’t find work. But what’s worse is that even though Vika’s putting on a brave face, she’s fallen into a coma on several occasions and she hasn’t yet fully learned how to live with her blindness. Sveta is afraid to leave her alone for long.
Mom keeps up a garden, one can’t survive otherwise on the Donbass…

But even with all the lucky breaks, the family would not be able to afford the anti-TB drugs, test strips, eye drops to stabilize pressure. Vika was threatened with loss of an eye on several occasions, so severe were the pains. She had to go to the hospital on a number of occasions.
So Vika still needs our help.
Last time the medications were not very expensive, because Vika took a break off Zevox, the main TB drug, which costs 36 thousand rubles a month.
Please label all donations for Vika “Vika.”
Thanks to everyone who helps Vika! Denis Ballam, Adriano, Karl Nauman, a member of the  Humanitarian Battalion Donbass Facebook group and everyone else.
Vika is always very happy, like a kid, when she gets the presents you send. Same goes for your comments–mom always reads them to her.
So, once again, thank you for everything! Thanks from Sveta and Vika, from me and our whole team!

Vika, I hope that when your mom reads this post’s title, you will smile for a long time. But it’s true!)
Hang on, our little Lugansk sun!

I want to give separate thanks to our Sasha for helping with the logistics of buying and delivering the medications Vika needs. It’s a huge task!

If you want to help Vika or other people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label donations for Vika “Vika”.

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