Surgery today

Today Tanya will finally have her surgery in Lugansk to remove her breast. They were supposed to remove both, but they decided to postpone it until after the chemo. The second breast is also suspect, tests came out poorly…
The surgery has been delayed since May. She’s in the hospital for the third time to have the surgery. We’re asking everyone who can clench their fists to pray or simply think of Tanya. She’s alone with her son. There’s no-one to help them aside from us. It so happens…
She needed a transfusion before the surgery, but there was no blood.
Our Lena spent 7 hours at the blood bank searching for donors.

Tanya and Maksim.

Lena spend this month constantly visiting Tanya. She had nobody else to even support her. She’s losing her mind–her son is all alone without her. They are mentally worn down from anticipating the surgery that was postponed so many times. She had a fever, her hemoglobin deteriorated. It was an endless wait.

We purchased whatever was needed for the operation that wasn’t available. That’s how things are right now in Lugansk hospitals. Much is done for free, but sometimes they lack the most elementary materials. They could not operate on her otherwise. Without our help, she would not have been able to buy any of it.
It’s a nightmare in Lugansk cancer wards. Patients in corridors, physicians can’t cope with the influx…

We also brought some food in order to help with her hemoglobin.


We drove her to the Forget-Me-Not youth camp. There was no place else to leave her son.
Lena and Zhenya went and extended his stay there. “He cried when he called ‘mom, please come get me.'”

Several people responded to the posts about Maksim and Tanya and donated clothes for the boy and shoes for the mom. Sasha sent it all by bus to Lugansk. Sasha, thank you my dearest. Having you is like having hands.
The guys took Tanya to her boy where they delivered everything: “Tanya said: ‘I went by a route taxi, saw a girl wearing shoes and thought, I’d like a pair like that but I’ll never be able to buy them.’ But then you showed up and brought a pair exactly like that.”
She was genuinely shocked. Maksim: “I’ll wear it to the disco tonight.”

Some of the clothes we brought.

I want to thank once again everyone who donated money for Tanya, who sent clothes. Thanks to Sasha for taking care of logistics. And, most importantly, thanks to our Lena and Zhenya for taking care of Tanya like family. It’s true that without them we’d not be able to help.
We very much hope the surgery goes well. And everything after that too.
Maksim needs a loving mom.
Tanya, hang on!

If you want to help Tanya or other people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label donations for Tatyana “Tanya–Cancer”.


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