Cancer in LPR

I recently corresponded with the chief of the cancer clinic in Lugansk. We’re shocked. Every week, they perform 45(!) breast removal operations. As opposed to no more than 3 before the war. And keep in mind that LPR is less than half of the Lugansk region which the clinic serviced, and moreover many people have since left. What’s most horrifying is that the clinic is full of young girls. Half of them are under 25.

“We’d cut more, but that’s the maximum we can do.” There are waiting lists and the surgeons simply can’t do more. And that’s only the mammology part of the picture.
I’ve written many times that the war’s consequences are not only the wounded, dead, victims of the bombings. It’s thousands of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and…cancer.
One can’t claim them anywhere as victims of war. But they are victims of this war. The statistics speak for themselves.
What’s there to say, nearly every one of my friends there has health problems. They haven’t all started at once. It’s the gradual, slow deterioration.
The numbers left me crushed…
Next to Tanya whom we are helping is a 19 year old girl. 19 years old!!!!
Lena recently visited Tatyana to give support and see how things stood.
She’s been hospitalized for more than three weeks. Had a transfusion, her hemoglobin rose. But…
The operation has been postponed several times. Tanya is already crying.
Her son is now at rehab. Really in a shelter. There’s nobody else to take care of him.
We now collected some clothes for the son to send to Lugansk.
Because the boy has nothing to wear.
Thanks to all who continue helping our team, who sends money, clothes.
Who makes reposts, gives likes. Who feels concern for these people’s suffering.
Thank you, People!

If you want to help Tanya or other people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label donations for Tatyana “Tanya–Cancer”.


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