Vika, do you remember?

Vika, I know your mom is reading this post to you right now.
So I want to say a few things.
We’ve met two years ago in Lugansk.
I remember that day–it was mid-May 2015.
You were in bed, too weak to get up. You lost your two front teeth, went blind, and weighed about as much as in elementary school. Younger brother had only just died, and people thought back then the war would be over soon. One couldn’t get insulin in the city. Pharmacies stood empty. No wages, no pensions.
Even though you were too weak to get up, you got up anyway–so said mom. One had to, even though one didn’t want to. You didn’t want anything back then–to live, to eat, to walk…
Lena told me: “talk to her, you are merry, young.”
I tried to talk, remember?
I went on about some nonsense, and you only replied that you didn’t want to live.

Mom Sveta distractedly showed me your diagnoses, and I couldn’t believe this was possible. Everything was collapsing. It seems you were on the verge of a coma, and your health was deteriorating rapidly.
We went outside, and everyone was silent.
I thought back then it was over. All of us thought that. You couldn’t see yourself. But you were a shadow. We thought you didn’t have much time left. I even cried.
Cried from frustration–that such a young, beautiful girl won’t keep on living.
I wrote a post, and things took off.
It’s been two years. Two years.
A whole lifetime.

In those two years, you’ve had several eye surgeries, lost a grandmother, was sent to Moscow, had TB diagnosed and treated, had a lung surgery. Lost a boyfriend, but took it all stoically.
You in absentia became acquainted with lots of people. They sent you drawings, bracelets, books, flashlights, dolls, icons, clothing, medications. So many people wanted to help you, our little smiley! From all over the world: UK, US, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
We’ve had many difficult moments when I was angry and didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t know how to act, what to do.
Your mom and I argued. You remember that, right?
I remember how at some point we realized that neither the medications nor the food will help unless you want things to change.
We tried to believe in you, but it wasn’t working. Everything was falling apart.
And, you know, now I’m in shock.
I couldn’t believe our eyes after our last meeting.
Yes, you still have no sight. Yes, you have diabetes and your blood sugar levels are erratic. One cannot say you are in full health.
But I didn’t see a sniveler.
I saw not a girl, not a kind beauty, but a fighter.

You sat and clenched your fists. You were outraged, talking about the fighting. You were overjoyed, you giggled, you got angry, you flirted. You interrupted your mom, argued with her, tried to share your observations, thoughts. Waved your arms, boasted. When we came, you just returned from a walk with your mom that lasted several hours. I remember that back in the day you couldn’t walk for10 minutes. Couldn’t even get up.
How you’ve changed.
You live! My first post, incidentally, was titled “Vika, live!”
You are very charming person, which is why so many people want to help you. Adriano from Brazil, Dennis Ballam from Australia, Karl from Germany, Tanya, Lyosha, Lena, Anya, Sasha from Moscow, Katya from England, and many many others.
You’re family to all of us now.
Our brave girl!

And yes, Vika still needs the monthly allowance of medications to recover from TB which costs a pretty penny (I’ve posted the receipts below). The family can’t buy them.
She also needs a lot of eyedrops, glucose meter test strips. The local TB clinic hands out only the most basic antibiotics.
Her eyes see almost nothing.
Please label any donations for Vika “Vika”.
If you want to send her a present, please write me, that would be awesome)))

Medications which we bought and delivered.
Thank you, everyone, for your caring! Thanks from Vika and all of us!

If you want to help Vika or other people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label donations for Vika “Vika”.

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