Kolya’s back in Lugansk

Katya went to Moscow to take her boy back to LPR.
Kolya has viral meningitis, and was taken to Moscow in December 2016 with the help of Liza Glinka.
He was in the Morozov Hospital until March. Had several surgeries.
He went back and forth between neurology and surgery.
It took them a long time to figure out what kind of infection caused this kind of inflammation in his head, which forced them to carry out more than one surgery in order to drain the liquid that was accumulating. It’s a major miracle that he’s survived all that.

Kolya lost the ability to walk already last summer. When we visited him in December, he couldn’t even sit unaided.
Several surgeries later, he can crawl, climb up to the couch, and sit without help.
In Moscow he got antibiotics which seem to be working.
I wanted to visit him January or February but couldn’t. I was afraid that if I saw Katya, all of my Zen would not simply die, but it would end with me bludgeoning her.
After she took my camera out of my pocket while we were bringing aid to her home in Lugansk, we have absolutely nothing to talk about.
After Katya left Kolya in hospital in late February, I was set to visit him. I wrote a post about that earlier. You sent toys for Kolya. But there was quarantine at the hospital and I couldn’t see him.
In March, I called and it turned out Kolya is in Lugansk.
They said mother made the decision.
As far as I know, Kolya still needs lengthy rehab.
And the infection apparently is not all gone–Kolya still drinks antibiotics.
We sent all of the toys to social workers who took them to him.
They said that Kolya is being admitted into a rehab center. A good one, which should help.

Will Katya hasten help with his treatment–I have no idea. We hope she does.
But we took Kolya to Moscow not thanks but rather in spite of the mother. It was really thanks to Liza Glinka, who was worried the mother will run off.
Katya is now on the radar of social services and is afraid she’ll lose the kids. She has two other small children.
For her and her alcoholic husband, child benefits are the only way to survive. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but often people like Katya give birth solely go qualify for the benefits. I would not have believed it myself, but I was told that by the police when we reported the theft of the camera (or rather, Katya returned the camera once she realized she wouldn’t get away with it. Returned it after breaking it.), and at the Lugansk Aid Center with which we closely collaborate.
I hope she’ll do whatever the boy needs for the sake of the money.
But, in general, Kolya is back in Lugansk.
And he has every chance to get his life back.
Thanks to everyone who donated toys for Kolya, who was worried, prayed, and thought of him.
This is very, very important!
Social worker girls said that he was very happy and couldn’t believe “all of that” was for him.
Kolya, the worst is behind you.
You are not like your mother and family. You have something alive and human.
You have strong will, you should live.
Don’t give up.


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