Kolya and Moscow Passions

The situation with Kolya Sipunov, whom Liza Glinka helped bring out of the Donbass prior to her death remains complex. The most important thing is that the boy had a surgery in Moscow, was transferred to another hospital, and is now in rehab.
It’s a complex situation, but most importantly, he’s alive and his chances are good.
However, his thieving mother managed to live up to her reputation again, as was expected.
I haven’t been able to visit Kolya myself for a long time, and not because I don’t want to see his mother Katya who robbed me and nearly brought about her son’s death.

No visitors are allowed to see him–the hospital has been under quarantine since December.
But I occasionally speak with him over the phone, and his voice is normal and full of life.
As I wrote above, his mother once again “excelled.”
She decided to go home “to take care of business” and spent about a week harassing everyone to give her money for the trip. In the end she succeeded in eliciting someone’s pity and went to Lugansk. With a load of cadged goods.
Eyewitnesses say that she threw hysterical fits and cried on everyone’s shoulder that she was robbed and left with no money in the predatory capital. She also remembered to mention the bombing of Lugansk.
Doctors say she promised to return.
I don’t know why she decided to leave her 6-year-old son alone in a hospital in an unfamiliar city. A boy whose legs are paralyzed and who can’t walk. No, Kolya can’t walk. We don’t know whether he’ll ever walk again. He couldn’t walk back in the fall, when we visited him. His legs lay on the bed like thin reeds.
She left, and the argument that “she did it to collect child welfare” seems odd in this situation, considering that the father, an equally qualified representative, is still there. Two other kids live not only with the father but with the mother’s sister, and they are well taken care of. I clearly saw how that “sister” was taking out bedpans and preparing food.
Knowing the scheming nature, indifferency, and propensity to lie that are Katya’s qualities, I wouldn’t be surprised if she never returned. Or returned much later.
Though she is remarkably good at convincing others that she was robbed.
She in general looks trustworthy, so that when she took a camera out of my pocket, I accompanied her in sweeping the sidewalk in order to try to find it. She lies masterfully, professionally, without turning away or reddening, even believing in what she’s saying. That’s talent.
In the course of sending Kolya to Moscow, we learned many details about this family from other humanitarian workers.
For example, known to me volunteers were expatriating children from Vergunka during the winter of 2015 to a children’s camp in Rostov Region. A friend who organized the camp recognized the boy and father from a photo. She said that a major scandal broke out due to the father. He would set up drinking parties, and the management had to send him and his kids back home.
One feels sorry for the boy. But!
He’s not merely struggling, he’s doing actually pretty well. That’s key.
I think it is very important to keep thinking about him and praying for him.
I know perfectly well that thoughts can make a difference.
Thanks to all the doctors who are helping Kolya.
If you want to send Kolya a present, please write me (contact information below)–I’ll pass it on.
With apologies, I am not going to post his hospital contact information.
Whenever the quarantine ends, as soon as I visit him myself, I’ll write about it.
And the last thing: it is because of such “mothers” that many write ugly stuff about refugees from the Donbass. Yes, there are people like that.
But I’ll say this: people like that are everywhere, even in Europe and America, about which people write with bated breath. People who have morally fallen and who spit on everything exist everywhere, irrespective of their language, skin color, and passport color.
There are also other people.
And there are also kids like Kolya who are not at fault in having parents like that.
Just watch this video with him.
Kolya, everything will be fine!

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