“Everything’s fine”

My news feed has been like this. Please forgive me…
“The pumping station is without electricity again(((
There’s no water…”

“Direct it on city hospital number 2 in Makeyevka.”

“To make long story short, one has to stock up on duct tape. We’ve already spent time face down in the cellar. Without thinking. A reflex, dammit. There was no danger, only noise. So we got up. Went home, it’s cold, the balcony is open wide, and the kids are sleeping. We envied them)”
Under the post, routine comments with smilies, likes:
–Reinforced everything with tape? When we got hit, it was easier to pick up those windows that were reinforced. Those without tape were shattered into a thousand pieces, which cut everything around us (it’s better to have it all taped up and hope it will never be needed)
–Of course))) We did that back when planes were bombing. They are all still taped up, and I don’t know when I’ll peel off the tape)
–You’d kill yourself trying to take it off. And you’ll still have sticky glue on the panes, neither acetone nor gasoline will remove it.”

“It’s quiet in Gorlovka. Thank God, but it’s scary.
Knowing what’s happening in Donetsk this silence is lethal…”

“3 hours ago
Donetsk and Makeyevka are partly without power. Some of the boiler plants have shut down and the apartments are a little cooler…”

“I wish everyone survives the night without losses. Please.”

“I hope Donetsk will put up a monument to the utilities people. Or name a street after them. Heroes, simply heroes…


All of them should get medals, they are on the front lines without rifles, armed only with wrenches…no armor, in a simple hard hat…doing everything to make sure we live in comfort.”

“Makeyevka, 40 Kokkinaki St.
An hour ago a woman was killed here, age 78.
She went outside to get coal…”

“I wonder, are there long lines at Izvarino right now?”

“In Makeyevka, a direct hit destroyed a dental clinic and a kindergarten.”

“Water is awful. The toilet really sets me on edge. I can’t stand its…aroma…No matter how much grey water you pour into it, the aroma still comes out…”

Then this morning exchange on the ‘net.

–People, everything fine? Granted, things are far from being fine, but please answer anyway…I’ve been listening the whole night. To both outgoing and incoming.”
Then comments:
–Now Grad rockets.
–It’s loud. But I’m getting ready to go to work.
–May God preserve us.
–We’re alive. It’s loud.
–Everything’s fine.

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