How do you like these news?

On September 29, DPR authorities issued a “temporary regulation” which basically makes private humanitarian operations impossible. The volunteer community is aghast. It was always difficult to bring anything in–crossing the border was always a major challenge. Now all the aid is to be monitored during the distribution as well. Which means that the authorities will be controlling every aspect of aid. Including where it comes from, where it’s going, and who is receiving it.
There are also bad news concerning the arrest of Aleksey Smirnov, the renowned humanitarian worker.
That put me in a pessimistic mood, to the point of having thoughts about letting the whole thing go.
But the universe sent me several signals. You read about one of them earlier, concerning the little Kolya.
Here’s a second one.
This is Ira from Lugansk, who has had a bout with cancer, and I’ve written about her before. She has two daughters and she needs medicine for treatment, but the family can’t afford them at all. Now Ira is in our care.

Zhenya and Lena recently visited her.
Ira went through a treatment regimen using drugs which we got for her (many thanks to Lena and Marusya Churai).
We are superstitious, so we won’t write anything about it. But we can say this: there are positive trends, and we are keeping our fingers crossed.
But she still suffers from extreme back pain. One of her vertebrae is severely damaged due to advanced osteoporosis. Zhenya wrote the following: “Surgeons would like to operate in order to fuse three vertebrae and insert metal rails. But other vertebrae are so fragile that it’s impossible to put screws in them. And, most importantly, it would be enormously risky, from the point of view of reactivating her cancer, to operate where there are cancerous lesions already (her ovarian cancer metastasized to the spinal column). She walks (or, rather, craws) in a corset. But even with it it’s sheer torture.”
But her analyses are improving, so we are waiting to see what happens next.
At the end, Zhenya added: “Do you see the photo with the older daughter with milk? It’s not posed))) I photographed her like that, hugging the milk, with child-like joy.”
Far from every family whom we help is sincerely glad to be receiving aid. Some of them treat aid as an entitlement, not realizing that it’s not coming from a government agencies but thanks to concerned people like themselves. Many of whom are retirees or people who themselves are not wealthy.
Ira and her daughter are sincerely grateful.

Ira’s health situation is moving in the right direction, and right now we are not going to write anything more concrete.
But we are very happy for her.
As to the temporary regulation…Well, it is a temporary regulation.
There are worse things.
Our humanitarian aid. Thanks to all who participated!

If you want to help Ira or other people of the Donbass, write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address: Any contributions specifically for Ira should be labeled “Ira.”

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