Before the Operation

On June 7 our Vika turned 22.
It’s staggering to think what she’s been through already.
War, brother’s death, diabetes complications, loss of eyesight and, to top it all off, just when the hope to save her eyesight appeared, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

For new readers: Vika Zozulina is a girl from Lugansk whom we met a year ago and whom we have been actively helping ever since, together with the rest of the world. We helped place her at a hospital, organized a few surgeries, bought expensive preparations, and last winter took her to Moscow for treatment thanks to Irina Bednova.
Thanks to all who have participated in helping Vika. We bought her the top-quality insulin and test strips. We help her with food and medicine.
The family has almost no money. They lived off disability benefits but they lost that too. LPR does not issue such cards, and besides they are now here. Almost immediately after they came to Moscow in February Vika’s grandmother died after 5 years of being bedridden…
In Moscow she was diagnosed with TB so all efforts to restore her eyesight receded into the background.
We learned after 4 months of treatment that her condition cannot be treated with drugs.
It was decided to perform a surgery to remove the affected section of the lungs.

All the tests have been performed and the surgery is tentatively scheduled for late June.
Vika looks good, she’s gained weight again. Her sugar levels are stable and on the whole she’s ready for the surgery.
Though she’s very afraid of it.
Two people recently died at that ward, including Aslan, who was a pretty young guy.
When we visited her, she talked much about him.
Though his case was different–his case was advanced, to the point he couldn’t even walk.
But that case undermined Vika’s confidence.

I am leaving for the whole summer, Vika and her mom will stay here.
Tanya Anikina and Zhenya will help them, but I hope you won’t forget about her either.
I will continue to write about her.
If anyone wants to come down and visit them, that would be most welcome as well.
Any help will make a difference.
Sveta also doesn’t feel all that good these days, due to unstable blood pressure and heart trouble.

Moreover, Vika and her mom came to Moscow during the winter and didn’t bring much with them. We brought them additional clothing, but not all of it fit. Vika’s clothing is all either of winter variety or for hospital stay.
If you want to donate anything, please write me. Shorts, tights, sweats–all of that would be of use.
Vika is size 42, 158cm height. Her mom is approximately size 52.
Vika also continually requires a long list of drugs which the hospital is not equipped to dispense, such as eye drops, vitamins, liver treatments. We’ve been buying everything she needed. But time flies, and the medicines are running out.
One final request: after the surgery, Vika’s mom will stay with her at the post-op. They asked for a folding cot so that Svetlana would have somewhere to sleep.
If anyone has something of this sort to lend, it would be of great help.

We brought Vika many presents, food, and bought her a phone. The old phone broke down. This is the family’s sole means of communicating with the outside world.
And now don’t forget a few words of support and best wishes for the birthday girl!)))

If you want to join in helping Vika and other people of the Donbass, write me in person through LiveJournal, facebook, or email:

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