What’s all the hubbub?

I start up my computer and there’s nothing on except Eurovision. Ignore, ignore–it never interested me.
But this time it’s off the scale. Out of sheer spite I read nothing, then think–fine, I’ll listen, see what they awarded the prize for.
So I watched. I didn’t know who the winner was or anything at all. Simply watched the whole thing from the start, but already after 30 seconds I felt it was pure kitsch. Pardon me for saying so, but: no voice, no charisma, no nothing. I decided to watched who participated from our side.
Lazarev was neither here nor there. Also made no great impression, to be honest. Although his voice was clearly better but…
Then I learned the Crimean Tatar girl won, and it turns our her soul was ripped to shreds by the song and by the delivery.
I don’t know. I didn’t see any shreds or pain–nothing at all. I couldn’t tell who was singing. In order to show drama and pain one needs to have considerable talent which this lady was clearly bereft of. Very average performance.
Lazarev also did not reach Olympic heights.
Eurovision in general is a pretty kitschy competition and a totally politicized one at that, where talent is a rarity though one does occasionally encounter it.
I hope nobody takes offense.
It’s just that Eurovision is a matter of taste. Just not mine.

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